Moe Parish Park Tree Memorial & Dedication

​The Moe Parish Park Board is now accepting memorials and dedications for new trees! We plan to add new trees to replace the ones lost in recent years, and to plant the next generation of trees around the perimeter of our park.

We will be planting 5-7' tall Larch/Tamarack trees, starting across the west end of the park, near the former ball diamond. These are a beautiful tree that looks like a pine, but is well-suited to wet areas as our park can be in the spring. These turn to a brilliant orange in the fall, and then lose their needles.

​Memorials and dedications will be accepted for new trees, with a minimum suggested amount of $200 per tree to cover the cost of the trees and planting.

​A pictorial map will be maintained in the park shelter of these memorials and dedications.

​​We will be removing the old trees across the west end of the park as part of Phase 1 of this project. Phase 1 of the project begins fall of 2016. Subsequent phases will add new trees across the north end, and fill in gaps where we have already lost trees. 

Please see Bryan Christensen, Moe Parish Park Board President, at 605- 359-4166 or for details.

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