Moe Parish Park

Information reprinted from the Moe Lutheran Parish 125th Anniversary (1997)

The Moe Parish Park had its beginnings in 1946. It involved the ten acres surrounding the parsonage. Pastor Alvin Snesrud having moved here from the city had a “Dream” of a beautiful park for the Parish to enjoy. The Youth Center was originally an old barn.  It was moved to this location and fixed up like it is today.  The shelter was added years later, in 1974.  Two major events, Fourth of July and the Fall Festival, started at the beginning of the park.  Today July 4th celebrations are still held and enjoyed by the surrounding community.  The three churches in the Parish continue to maintain the Moe Park.  Each church has four people on the Park Board with two going off the board each year and two new people coming back on.  They are in charge of seeing the Park maintained and they can call other parishioners for extra help.  The Moe Parish Park continues to serve the community in giving a serene atmosphere to hold family reunions, meetings and even weddings.  The Youth Center hosts early church services during the summer months.

View dedication article from The Argus Leader (1948)