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Click the hyperlink below to view/print the form. You will need 
Adobe Reader to view and print the form.


​This form must be completed by anyone (Group or Individual) that plans to apply for Moe Parish mission funding.


Submit this form approximately eight (8) weeks prior to the actual trip, listing all names of the people going on the mission trip and funds raised.


Submit this form approximately eight (8) weeks prior to the actual trip listing all funds raised

Moe Parish Missionary Outreach Fund Objectives

The Moe Parish Mission Outreach Fund:

Will use donations for the furtherance of Christ's call to go out into the whole wide world

  • Money that is given to this account will be for the supplementation of individuals who are attending mission outreach groups, or participants in such missions from Moe Parish, be their service to local or foreign missions
  • Special monitory considerations may be made for attendant adult support
  • Group funding will not surpass half of the amount in the fund, until such time as there is sufficient funds to guarantee a balance that surpasses $25,000 after disbursements